Summer Solstice Farm is situated on 28 acres of meadows and wooded forest tucked along the confluence of Pohatcong Creek and the Delaware River in Pohatcong Township, NJ.  Once the site of a basket manufacturing company, the property gradually entered into years of neglect, becoming choked with invasive plants and littered with debris from the long decades without stewardship.

Since moving here in 2011, our family has strived to clean and improve the land using ecologically green practices.  We've planted well over 1,000 native trees, and established an apple orchard and thriving vegetable garden, all using organic methods.  More recently, we’ve welcomed a variety of animals (ducks, pigs, goats, and donkeys) to our farm, all nourished and cared for without the use of any hormones or antibiotics.

We do all this because we respect the Earth, because we are grateful for both the life we've found on this land and for the gifts it bestows upon us-- and we do this because this is our home.