Though duck eggs are indeed obviously similar to chicken eggs, there are some notable differences: duck eggs are decidedly larger than most chicken eggs and have greater nutritional value as well as more vitamins and minerals; duck eggs also stay fresh longer due to their thicker shells, which can vary widely in color (we often find black, grey, and green eggs alongside the usual white ones).

Whether hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached, fried, or scrambled, our duck eggs are delicious (especially when eaten with some of our Mangalitsa bacon!) and largely interchangeable for chicken eggs in recipes.  While similar in flavor, duck eggs tend to have a richer quality and contain more ‘whites,’ which make them excellent for baking -- yielding lighter, fluffier cakes and pastries.

All of our eggs come from our Cayuga ducks, which roam freely in our orchard and are fed grain from Organic Unlimited in Atglen, PA.

Our duck eggs are Certified AWA and are available daily for $10 a dozen.