This beautiful pig sign hangs in our farm market. You can buy your own from the artist directly here.

Berkshire and Mangalitsa pork looks and tastes quite different from the meat more commonly found on commercially farmed breeds of pig. Unlike industrial “white” pork, this pork is darker in color, richly marbled, with higher fat content, making it especially juicy and flavorful.  

Mangalitsa pork, in particular, is prized for its fat: the lard is lower in unsaturated fat than other pigs, which means it's creamier and particularly excellent for baking

All of our pork is Certified Naturally Grown from our own pasture-raised Berkshire and Mangalitsa pigs which live and play happily in their spacious outdoor paddock and are fed grain from McGeary Organics in Lancaster, PA.

You can purchase any number of cuts from our farm stand or place an over the phone for pick-up. Contact us with any questions or to arrange a visit!

Summer Solstice Farm - Mangalitsa and Berkshire Pork Price List 2018