Unlike ducks more commonly found at other farms, parks, or in the wild, Cayuga ducks are completely black.  Black ducks were originally introduced to Cayuga County (in the Finger Lakes region of New York) in the mid-1800s and have been raised ever since for both their eggs and meat, but also as pets because of their friendly and social nature.  Considered a heritage breed, Cayuga ducks are currently on the American Livestock Breed Conservancy’s “threatened” list due to their limited number in the United States.

Our Cayuga ducks live within one-and-a-half acres of fenced orchard where they are protected from predators as they forage for insects, helping to keep our trees and vegetables free of destructive pests, all without the use of chemicals.  And, to ensure they all have plenty to eat, we supplement their diet with grain from Organic Unlimited in Atglen, PA.